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Lead Service Technician

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Cookeville, TN
$75,000 - $95,000
Job Type
Direct Hire
Mar 01, 2018
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Position title: Senior Field Service Supervisor

This Middle Tennessee Contractor is the "Class of the whole region".

They are the company you wish you had found first.  But the good news is it is not too late.

This outstanding employer has built a super reputation for being the "go to" Commercial & Industrial HVAC Mechanical contractor in Middle Tennessee.  They are Merit Shop (open shop), and they treat their employees like family (seriously, not kidding).  

Whether you are wanting to move from the Frigid north to find the perfect mild climate or whether you are just looking for that really great employer you have always dreamed about, this could be your chance.

The successful candidate will be groomed to become the Service Manager when the current Service Manager retires in the not too distant future.  (The current service manager is very talented and has much to share with a new recruit.)

What salary compensation range are you willing to pay?  This job will be Hourly to start and will earn in the range of    $75,000 – $95,000 depending on the skill level of the candidate.                
What is your Overtime policy for this position?  Depends upon responsibilities. Overtime for work over 40 hours will apply as long as hourly.
Are there any incentives or bonuses available?   Please explain.  Yes “Benevolent Dictatorship” Bonus Program. Discretionary Based upon overall profitability of company. 
What percent of your business would be classified as: 
  • Residential HVAC?                 (What brands?)   5% Not brand specific
  • Light Commercial HVAC?      (What brands?) 30% Trane York Carrier
  • Commercial Applied ?            (What brands?) 30% Trane York Carrier
  • Industrial HVAC?    25% 
  • Commercial Refrigeration?    (What brands?) 10% Not brand specific                                                                                          
  • Other, please explain? Basic controls and whatever services customer needs and is willing to pay
How many employees at this location?      95
In this dept?        15

How many employees reporting to this job? 11-12
What are the titles of reports?  Service technicians 

Are there specific products or equipment  or specific technology with which this position must have experience? 
Answer: Chillers (screw, recip, and scroll), boilers (5-8 tons), basic BAS systems, VAV, VRF (Mitsubishi, Daikin and LG) 
Does this person get involved with any sales activities, if yes please elaborate on their involvement?   Yes but limited

If yes, do you offer compensation for this sales part of the job, and if so what is compensation?  See incentive /bonus question above. 
How would you describe the types of customers you tend to serve?  Class A office buildings, industrial facility managers, medical facilities
What are the most important skills, the ones you absolutely must have in the person who fills this job? Level B+ - A service tech with soft skills supported by good technical skills. Be able to get work done through others.
What skills or talents would you like to have that perhaps you could live without, but prefer to have if you could get them? Financial management skills. 
What are the traits you absolutely do not want in the person who fills this job? Know it all,  self centered, Prima Donna.  
What are the specific duties you wish performed?  (Please use as much detail as you like)
  • HANDS ON Supervision and ongoing personal development training of the field service technicians. 
  • Must be willing to work in field alone and also in support of other technicians
  • Willing to do whatever is needed and not ask anyone to do what he would not be willing to do himself. 
  • Must be one that does what he says he will do when he says he will do it. 
  • Have sense of urgency.  
  • Team Player
With regards to job duties, and with 100% being all there is, if you break the job down into the basic duties, what percentage of time would you like to see the candidate spend on each basic duty area?  In other words, what percent of 100 would you assign to each duty area? 
For example, what percent of this job would be doing installations?

  • Supervision of replacements and new installs 10%
  • Supervision and Technical support / development of field service technicians. 40% 
  • trouble shooting & service40%
  • general managerial duties and  estimates 10%
How much travel is involved with this position? Daily travel up to 150 miles per day with little to no overnight stay. Home at night

What does the company provide for the employee?  (examples, vehicle, gas card, ipad, smart phone, laptop, etc.) everything needed to do job with exception of small hand personal tools
Why is the position openRetirement of previous field supervisor.
What can you tell us about the company that would be selling points for attracting a prospective candidate? (Note; we love success stories.)[garry] 
  • 48 years in business under same ownership 
  • advancement opportunities for the next generation. 
  • Family environment. 
  • Top service company between Nashville & Knoxville TN
    What do you see as the career path for this position Unlimited, and they plan to  groom for higher management roles. 
    What can you share about the geographical area that is particularly attractive?
  • Quality of Life is excellent. 
  • No State taxes
  • Ideal position for someone that wants out of the BIG CITY yet close enough to enjoy.
  • Good place to raise a family. (excellent schools, including University)
  • Hunting and Fishing. Hiking Camping etc. 
  • Scenery, Natural Beauty of Area
  • Hobby Farming   
    Please advise us on benefits provided for employees.
  • Health Insurance – Co Pays 100% for Blue Cross Blue Shield Single Coverage (Family & Employee Plus One Coverage Tiers Available)
  • Vision Insurance – Co Pays 100% for Blue Cross Blue Shield Single Coverage (Family & Employee Plus One Tiers Available)
  • Dental Insurance – Delta Dental
  • Short Term Disability -  Co Pays 100% 
  • Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance – 15k Life/15k Accidental Death & Dismemberment – CHC Pays 100%
  • Life Insurance – 30k Life/30k Accidental Death & Dismemberment – CHC Pays 100%
  • Voluntary Life Insurance
  • 401k Plan – John Hancock – Co matches 50% of the first 4% of salary.  Eligible to participate after 6 months.
  • Holidays – Six Major Holidays (90 Day Waiting Period)
  • Vacation 
1 Week – 1 Year Anniversary
2 Weeks – 3 Year Anniversary
We add one day per year after 10 years, with a maximum of 15 days.
  • Employee Assistance Plan
  • Incentive Programs

What is target date for filling the position? As soon as possible.
What is sales volume of this operation?    Total approaching 20 million of which service represents 2.5 - 3 million.