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ME: Engineering Manager valves

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Hartsville, TN
$125,000 - $150,000
Job Type
Direct Hire
Mar 01, 2018
Job ID
Engineering Manager (Product Design and Development), TN
This key manager position will require exceptional knowledge about the HVAC industry and trends in the market place aa well as a clear sense of urgency.  This means that we are NOT specifically searching for valve experience, but rather a strong knowledge and experience in the design of HVAC industry products.
This job is open because of very strong growth of the employer.  (They hit 150% of bonus target last year.)
This Engineering Manager will be responsible for managing a brilliant team of design engineers and the research and development organization.  Products are valves used in the HVACR industry.

·       Providing new and improved products to the market that will lead to division growth. (Job key)
·       The employee will provide technical assistance and coordinate research activities to support other department functions. 
·       Management: The position will be responsible for the work efforts of supervisors and staff,  
·       Will assure that projects are managed to meet product launch schedule timelines. . (Job key)
-      Define product specifications based on requirements from product management, and coordinate information with production and quality management. . (Job key)
-      Establish development schedules and drive to successful and on-time delivery of new products and existing product improvements. 
-      Use time management and task prioritization tools to achieve results within cost and schedule constraints.
-      Foster innovation in design and development within the department and among reporting personnel.
-      Project process reporting with regular status updates that is shared between all relevant departments and coordinated with teams to assure product functional completeness and on-time delivery.
-      Assist in the establishment of the company’s long-range product development goals and objectives. 
-      Remain aware and knowledgeable of current technological progress to ensure the company’s products remain marketable and competitive.
Familiar with
·      ANSI, ISO and MIL-STD, (Standards)
·      machine manufacturing tolerances,
·      advanced material properties and performance. 
·      Specific experience in valve sizing, and calculations for operating parameters according to ASME specifications.
 Strong working knowledge in
·      3D design software, and
·    Experience working in a manufacturing process of
o   metal casting/forging,
o   heat treating, brazing,
o   welding, and
o   machining.  
·      Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering or other related discipline
·      5 years’ experience in a multinational manufacturing company
Working knowledge of 
o   fluid dynamics,
o   thermodynamics,
o   static/dynamic mechanics,
o   and flow testing process and procedures
·      Knowledge of ISO
Recruiter comment: This client is a real money maker.  They are well respected in the industry, and consistently make their numbers and therefore they make their BONUSES!

Job summary
Nashville, TN
Job type
Employee, Full Time
$125,000.00 - $150,000.00/year
Normal Benefits plus bonus like clockwork