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ME: Product Development Engineer

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Acworth, GA
$90,000 - $115,000
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Direct Hire
Nov 12, 2018
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A couple of thoughts to this:

1. Find an engineer with HVAC and Refrigeration knowledge of selecting coils and compressors. We would like to further develop our condensing hot gas reheat options and need an employee dedicated to this project.  Question: How many years if you go this route, and what would be the salary range for this level of hire? I would say 10+ years of experience needed. Salary Range: $80,000 - $90,000.

2. A young mechanical engineer with some hvac knowledge (previous internship) we could train to make coil and fan selections for our modification options. We understand this would require training on our end but most in our office have started in the role and moved up in the company. Current person in this role and been promoted at mjc and we need to fill.  Question: if you go this route, and what would be the salary range for this level of hire? $50,000 - $60,000. 

Q: would you relocate someone or at least give them some kind of financial assistance to move to your location? For the experienced person - yes. Not for the young mechanical. Amount MJC would pay - to be negotiated. 

You" would like to further develop our condensing hot gas reheat options" sounds interesting, I would like to hear more about this so I can learn more. One of the items MJC provides are modifications to manufacturer's equipment. For example - MJC add hot gas reheat modifications to Trane, Carrier, Daikin, etc. (I can explain the engineering side of hot gas reheat if needed - experience HVAC will know). MJC currently gets a low / small Delta T on our reheat performance. If we provided a full condensing reheat - our Delta T would be hire. This can be done but would take a full time engineer to design. 

Product development engineer  (HVAC)  Atlanta, GA

This job is with a small company that is just about to explode with growth potential.  They have a good team now and are looking for a strong Engineer to round out the team. This engineer will have a very good opportunity for growth if they are capable of managing people and Projects.
  • Seeking an Engineer who has hands on design experience with water cooled condensed package units.
  • Also any knowledge of Multizone units and or VRF units would be most beneficial. 
  • The successful candidate needs to know refrigeration /AC design, how to pick compressors and evaporators and balance systems to make a packaged product. 
  • Heat pump design would be nice too.
  • They need to know the airside of things as well, how to select blowers and the ins and outs of blower selection
  • Cabinet design would also be great.
  • The Employer will need this engineer to take a somewhat conceptual design and take it into production!

Solidworks or Solid Edge design would be nice, but not a must. Autocad at a minimum to be able to convey ideas.
The correct person would also be able to take on more of a managerial role in engineering and in the company as a whole potentially. Lots of growth potential in this job. 
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